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As a former news journalist, Kineta has interviewed hundreds of people and written about very real, raw stories - both uplifting and harrowing. After the collapse of the CTV building in the February 2011 earthquakes, Kineta was asked to host a daily CTV programme - based around the Christchurch rebuild - interviewing all the decision-makers and people affected by the quakes.

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After about a year, it turned into a magazine-style show, which she hosted for three years before taking maternity leave. Kineta has also hosted and presented at large-scale events including Canterbury Bride of the Year.


Kineta has a six-year son and is now a celebrant and the editor of wedding magazine Canterbury Bride. 

LISA FONG, Move it Mama

Fitness: How this habit can improve your mental health 

Lisa is the Founder of Move it Mama, and the winner of the 2019 Her Own Boss award. She is the mother of four little boys, and a wife to husband Dan. She is a teacher by trade, but now Move it Mama is her full-time business. 


Move it Mama was born out of a need to exercise. Lisa needed to exercise to be on top of her game; a better mother, sister, wife, friend and so on.  As a busy mother of four boys and on one income, she also didn't have the time or money for a gym membership. This is why she started working out at home. She needed her exercise regime to be simple, affordable, accessible and achievable; all of which she is committed to delivering with Move it Mama.


‘I have been lucky enough to pursue a massive dream of mine, helping others feel better about their lives by sharing my workouts and teaching people that exercise really is quite simple.’

JULIE ZARIREH, Senior Clinical Psychologist

Resilience: How can we promote it in ourselves and others?

Resilience is a frequently used, but in reality little understood term. Julie Zarifeh is a clinical psychologist with professional and personal experience of the need for resilience in our lives. She will share her extensive knowledge on the topic, combining academic insights with personal experiences gleaned from living through the Christchurch earthquakes and navigating personal tragedy.


Her talk is insightful, inspirational and, above all practical, as she translates key research findings helping us all navigate challenge and change more effectively. 

What you’ll learn: 
•    An understanding of what resilience actually is
•    Simple, easy to understand and put into practice ways of supporting your own wellbeing
•    Simple, easy to understand and practice ways for parents to support their families to be more resilient
•    Ways of thinking and acting that have been shown to reduce depression, stress and anxiety and boost happiness, confidence and hope



Grief: Hope within the hard seasons

Annie Anderson has a beautiful reverence for life, a strong faith and a love of people. Born and raised on a farm in the small South Island town of  Timaru, for as long as she can remember Annie has had a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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She has a Bachelor of Education (BEd) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (Grad Dip) and as a secondary educator devotes her time to empowering NZ youth and equipping them with the tools and skills to realise their potential.


Annie lives in Christchurch with her family — her husband Rob, three gorgeous earthside children Jai, Arabella and Rose, two angels that watch on from above, and her mischievous husky Kobe. When she is not with her family and friends, you will find her writing, indulging her love of chocolate or immersing herself in nature. 


Aviva passionately believes the people of Aotearoa New Zealand can live free from violence and that we can achieve this together.  Our story begins in 1973, when we were founded, not as Aviva, but as New Zealand’s first refuge. There is no doubt that this changed the social landscape of New Zealand and, as a result, thousands of tamariki and wahine in Aotearoa have been welcomed, supported and made safe.

Now, Aviva’s services support over 1200 people across Canterbury every year to create safer, healthier relationships and overcome violence. We believe that to break its cycles, a compassionate, adaptive, long-term approach is needed. We work with people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientation and experiences of violence.


Our services include: 24/7 phone support; education programmes; family violence support, advocacy and advice; access to safe accommodation; support for those using violence; home security upgrades; peer support; No and Low Interest Loans; and 24-hour sexual assault support.


Domestic violence: How did I get here? How do I get out?