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Why use a wedding planner?

Introducing I Do For You "Top 5 Best Rated Christchurch Wedding Planner"

Hello I'm Moira Murphy - event planning specialist

I understand that life is busy ... with endless work commitments and a hectic schedule, how do you find time for wedding planning? The pressure to create the perfect wedding can be overwhelming, especially when you have no idea where to begin.
I know you want to enjoy your engagement, but also create a wedding that is unique and shows your individual style and personality.

I can help! With I Do For You on your team, you'll have the benefit of my event planning expertise, and I have a network of trusted wedding vendors that will make the entire process effortless and enjoyable for you.  

Your wedding can be everything you want it to be! It does not have to be something you ‘survive’, it can be a fun process at a very special time in your life. Get I Do For You to help to plan your wedding and you will have the freedom to spend time with loved ones and focus on what truly matters. 

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

Moira is incredible. We were lucky enough to have this amazing lady as our on the day co-ordinator for our wedding in the weekend and honestly having her is the best decision we made.

On the day of your wedding, and in the lead up to it. Trust us when we say, you want this woman in your corner. Her runsheet for the day - incredible. Her attention to detail and ability to help your vision come to life - second to none.

With Moira, no need to sweat the small things, she’ll make sure that you think about them and have them sorted.

When I realised we were running 15 minutes behind schedule. She was one step ahead and had already shuffled things with our other vendors to account for this.

We are so so so thankful we had this incredible lady in our corner and will recommend her to absolutely everybody that will listen!

Cam Gallie

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